Cronulla Day Charters

A day out on Flashdance will always leave you with memories to treasure. The choice is yours to can kick back, relax with your friends over a champagne and watch the world go by. Take your team out sailing and watch how fast they build into a crew. Have a laugh, have a steer at the helm and see who wins the fastest boat speed steering competion. If you choose either of these options or anything in between we are proud to know that everyone in the past has left the boat with a big smile on their face!

  • Whalesail

    During the winter months your sailing charter can become a “Whalesail” .  Whale watching can be an exhilarating experience. Seeing some of the world's largest and most magestic of species is fast becoming a must do wildlife experience. You can combine the fun of sailing with the beauty of being with the whales on their migration.